C2C Consultancy
C2C Consultancy

Pre-Project Activities

  • Budget with the comprehensive breakup.
  • Project schedule with Micro Level breakup.
  • Appointment of Project Team.
  • Soil Investigation (Optional).
  • Environmental Clearance (Optional).

Basic Engineering

  • Conceptual Layout of Mill.
  • Basic Design Report of the Mill
  • Fixing of Different Capacities of Plant
  • HT & LT Single line Diagram of the Mill
  • Control Philosophy of Plants
  • The ordering of Paper Machine With Auxiliaries

Project Management

  • Project Schedule and Monitoring
  • Commercial Negotiation and Ordering
  • Store Management
  • Financial Management and Payment to Different Agencies
  • Housing / Colony Facilities
  • Payment to Consultant
  • Arrangement for Visiting Consultants
C2C Consultancy

Instrumentation and Automation Engineering

  • DCS / UPS / IO RACK Room Layout
  • Master Instruments Layout
  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Cable schedule, Interconnection Chart
  • I/O List
  • Loop List
  • Process Control & Control Logic Diagram
  • DCS Engineering
  • QCS Engineering
  • Plant Communication System
  • Instrument Air and Mill Air requirement calculation and Equipment selection

Procurement Assistance

  • Procurement of all Auxiliaries / Utilities / Plant Including Spec / Evaluation / Purchase Order
C2C Consultancy

Other Services

  • Process Optimization
  • Systematic Process Audition
  • Energy Audit
  • Water reduction program
  • Chemical consumption reduction program
  • All Paper Industries related jobs can be done with Proper Process Experts with Professional way within Time frame.
C2C Consultancy


  • Taking complete responsibility for Erection of the All Machines, Pipe Lines, Electrical and Automation as we have complete work form.


  • Coordinating for Commissioning with Expertise Engineers
C2C Consultancy


  • Appointment of Civil Consultant
  • Construction Supervisor
  • Arrangement of Mechanical / Electrical / Instrumentation Contractors
  • Erection Supervision

Civil / Structural Engineering

  • Column Foundation and Sizing
  • Reinforcement Drawings
  • Floor Framing Plan
  • Column Line Elevation
  • Office Room Construction Details
  • Reinforcement Drawings of RCC Chests
  • Estimation of Schedule of Quantity for Construction
C2C Consultancy

Proposed Project Documentations for Banking Purpose

  • Detailed Project Report
  • Financial Implications
  • Preliminary plant drawings

Process Engineering

  • Water Mass Balance
  • P & I Diagrams Plant-wise & Section Wise
  • Vacuum Calculation
  • Pulp, Approach flow, and Paper Machine design calculation and equipment selection.
  • Fiber Recovery and Reject Handling equipment design selection calculation.
  • Machine Clothing specification.
  • Broke Handling design calculation and equipment selection.
  • Boiler and Steam requirement calculation and equipment selection.
  • Complete Engineering for Steam and Condensate and equipment selection.
  • Conversion Equipment (Rewinder & Cutter) requirement design, equipment selection.
  • Reel Handling and Finishing house design and Equipment selection.
  • Effluent Treatment plant calculation and selection of suitable equipment for Government norms.
C2C Consultancy

Pipe / Cable Bridge layout

  • Transformer Sizing & Number Selection
  • MCC Sizing & Number Selection
  • Sub - Station Layout
  • Plant-Wise Detailed LT SLDS
  • Electrical Room, Drive Room, and Transformer Room Layout
  • Cable Tray Layout
  • Cable schedule, Interconnection Chart
  • Building Lighting Layout
  • Earthing Layout

Mechanical Engineering

  • Detail Plant Layout in Plan & Elevation
  • Tank Basis Dimensions & Details
  • Sizing of Piping with Flow and Velocity calculation
  • Piping Layout in Plan & Elevation with Pipe Racks
  • Line wise B.O.M of Pipes & Fittings
  • Valve schedule
  • Pump List
  • Tank List
  • Drive List
  • Isometric Drawings of Steam Pipes & Their Flexibility Analysis
  • Metering & Control Schedule
  • Fabrication Drawings of MS / SS tanks
  • Department wise Civil Scope Drawings
  • Pipe / Cable Bridge layout